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Chicken Thigh - Boneless

A popular chicken meat cut from the thigh section of the chicken leg. These boneless pieces are freshly cut, tender, and juicy; perfect for roasting, braising, frying, as well as traditional recipes.

Net wt: 450gm
Gross: 480gm
MRP: ₹330 285 14% off

Today Delivery In 60 min

Mutton Leg - Kharode

Kharode - This cut of meat consists of the rear leg of a goat. You can use it as an entire roast, or in spicy curries and stews. All meat at Meaticious is obtained with utmost care, and delivered to you in hygienic packing.

Net wt: 4 Pcs
Gross: 4 Pcs
MRP: ₹380 370 3% off

Today Delivery In 60 min

Rohu - Rui Large Cut Without Head

A fish known for its 'non-fishy' subtle flavor and smooth texture of meat. This package contains a large Rohu (also known as Rui), thoroughly cleaned and sliced in the popular Bengali-cut style. Head is not included, The pieces are fresh and delivered to you in hygienic packing.

Net wt: 500 gm
Gross: 750 gm
MRP: ₹210 190 10% off

Today Delivery In 60 min

Basa Boneless Cubes Small Cut

Basa is a type of catfish with taste and texture similar to cod. Its flesh has a light, firm texture and a mild fish flavor. The package contains small, boneless cubes of the fish, an excellent choice for those who prefer more meat on their plate. At Meaticious we ensure that you get only the best quality and hygienically cut fish.

Net wt: 500 gm
Gross: 1700 gm
MRP: ₹390 330 15% off

Today Delivery In 90 min

Premium Goat Curry Cut

Premium Goat Curry CutThe classic curry cut! The package includes good-quality slices of goat meat suitable for all sorts of curry recipes. Goat meat is ideal for slow cooking, so these are as suited for grilling and roasting as well.

Net wt: 500gm
Gross: 600gm
MRP: ₹485 415 14% off

Today Delivery In 60 min

Premium Goat Biryani Cut

Neatly-sliced pieces of goat meat, chopped small enough to be put to use directly. The package includes pieces mainly from chest, shoulder, and limbs. Perfect for all kinds of lip-smacking biryani recipes.

Net wt: 450gm
Gross: 600gm
MRP: ₹640 480 25% off

Today Delivery In 60 min
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